You are an explorer

You are an adventurer. A deep diver. A dreamer.

A student of the world. A visionary.

A trailblazer embarking on an expedition of the ultimate frontier:


You’ve always known that somewhere, there is a seed of greatness, authentic and unique to You.

Maybe you’re just starting out.

Maybe, you’re cutting a path through life but can’t seem to quite break through.

Or perhaps, you’ve attained incredible success through grit, talent and determination – but still feel like something essential . . . is missing.

is this you?

the overwhelmed exec

You’ve finally stepped into the c-suite but can’t seem to get ahead. You spend all your time putting out fires, important initiatives are falling through the cracks, and the pressure is taking a toll on your health and personal relationships. You want to be on top of your game at work so can enjoy your family and spend more time on the golf course.

the frustrated 'giver'

You want to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work but there’s always something more important to do . . . for your family, your friends and colleagues. You love jumping in to help others, but you struggle managing your time and setting boundaries. You’re now burned out and resentful that your ‘wants’ are always put on the back burner.

the imaginary imposter

You want to step fully into your leadership and become more visible but you always seem to hesitate. Every time you try taking action, your self-doubt, insecurities and ‘comparisons’ take over. Your mind is very clever in sabotaging what you want and you’re frustrated. You want to believe in yourself and own it.

the unfulfilled over-achiever

You’re successful and affluent by anyone’s definition. You’ve worked hard building up your company and you’re proud of your accomplishments. Yet, you feel dissatisfied and know something is missing in your life. You want more connection, more wholeness and a deeper way of experiencing life.

the directionless dreamer

You hit the big “30” and everyone expects you to have it all figured out. But you’ve been in and out of relationships. Your job is making you miserable and you wonder if you’re on the right career path. You’re overwhelmed, unmotivated and stuck. You want to find your North Star and live a life you’re excited and passionate about.

the bewildered journeyer

You’ve been so busy juggling work and family all your life that you’ve never had the luxury of asking yourself what it is you truly want. Now facing your next act, you’re looking for a vision in life that is authentic, vibrant and fulfilling, but don’t know where to begin. You want clarity and the confidence to take that next step.

define your horizon

The difference between an unexplored frontier and dangerous terrain, what’s possible and impossible, are determined by your mindset.

Mindset is our collection of thoughts and beliefs. It’s not only how we see the world, but how we navigate through it.

Coessential’s Self Mastery approach to coaching helps you discover the foundational beliefs, assumptions and perceptions that drive your behavior. You’ll learn how to course correct and open up to new behavior, new choices and new horizons in your life.

It’s more than just your roadmap needed to take conscious, purposeful action. It’s a pathway toward greater achievement with ease and fulfillment.

It is a key to stepping into your power and taking charge of your thinking, feelings and actions so you can advance your goals with more resilience and perseverance.



With Self Mastery, the full exploration of your life’s potential, your greatness, your success, and your peace of mind and happiness is not only possible but inevitable.

Clarity & Purpose

Greater clarity & self awareness of your deepest desires, motives & emotions.


Confidence in your value and how to play on your strengths as you take action.


Higher emotional intelligence through more self and social awareness, empathy.

Problem Solving

Improved problem solving as well as self- and relationship-management skills.

Conflict Resolution

Greater capacity to resolve conflicts, bridge differences and build teamwork.


Higher discernment in decision making and stronger resilience to change.

Self Mastery is not a destination or achievement

it is a way of living and leading that helps you be your best.

Coessential Coaching isn’t about changing who you are but enabling you to become who you were always meant to be. It’s about finding your natural leadership style so you are able to perform effortlessly. It is knowing your essential self and living it authentically.

This is a collaborative quest to unleash your passion, your potential and your brilliance into the world.

And it’s a process we can do, together.

This is a partnership.

You are the Explorer, and I’m your Navigator.

This is a practice where vision meets planning, ideas find their practical implementation, and where we walk our talk.

The greatest journeys worth undertaking in life are not always the easiest.

They ask for your bravery, your honesty and your hard work.

But they are always the most rewarding.

Join me. Let’s set a course for mastery.

Let’s Walk Towards
Self Mastery.


Hi, I’m Linda!

Like you, I’m much more than just the sum of my parts. Yes, I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, owned several businesses while raising two children, and have partnered with c-suite executives and emerging businesses leaders for the past three decades. But I’m also a curious, open and resilient spirit who has always strived for more . . . a deeper understanding of self and others, ways to grow my potential and create new possibilities, and greater meaning and fulfillment in life. It’s what I call Self Mastery and after 20 years on this journey. I want to coach you on yours.

What People Are Saying…

Linda was a great source of guidance and wisdom as I contemplated the next chapter of my career. She was able to steer my thought process so that I was able to focus on what I really wanted to do with my career as opposed to what I thought was the safest next thing to do. She was very insightful and asked powerful, thought provoking questions that helped remove much of the uncertainty I had been experiencing, providing me with clarity. Linda’s warm, pleasant manner made our coaching sessions not only productive but enjoyable!


Consultant, Entertainment

I first learned about Linda’s coaching services through a colleague who had raving reviews about her unique style and effective approach to personal and professional growth. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot, and it turned out to be one of the most valuable investments in myself.

Navigating significant life changes at the time, I was struggling to make progress with my personal and professional goals. Linda’s approach became the key to unraveling disruptive thought processes and habits that were undermining my efforts.

Our collaboration focused on establishing a roadmap to achieve my goals and creating a structure of accountability. What set Linda apart was her continuous support throughout the week, demonstrating that I was more than just a client. When I encountered obstacles, she made herself available between sessions to ensure I kept moving forward. It was her genuine care and client-centric approach that fostered an environment where I felt comfortable being open and honest.

Whether you’re seeking changes in your personal, professional, creative, or spiritual life, Linda is exceptionally qualified to guide you on that journey. The skills and mindset I’ve gained from our time together are invaluable and will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I cannot recommend her enough!


Creative Producer

Linda has been guiding me on my own journey towards Self Mastery and has coached me from toxic work environments and abusive relationships to creating the best job I’ve ever had and a beautiful, fulfilling relationship. Linda asks the tough questions, holds me accountable to my potential and leads our discussions with compassion, non-judgment and laughter. I finally feel like I’m at the helm of my own life, and I’m grateful to be in this discovery work with her!

Associate, Entertainment

Working with Linda has been an eye opener into ‘who’ I am. A real awakening. She has helped me understand my strengths, what drives me, and what I value in the workplace, as a leader, in friendships and family life. She has tapped into my imposter experience. I now recognize that voice of self-doubt which stands in the way of my success and learned techniques to push it to one side with more confidence and authenticity. We’ve explored my leadership energy levels … how I automatically respond to stress, and how I can choose a different response to create better outcomes and overall wellbeing. I’ve learned so much through Linda’s wise counsel, and we’re only part way through the journey. She listens, cleverly guides me through my thought processes, and helps me draw out those deep insights. She has a beautiful, calming energy around her, and even from across the other side of the world, we have developed a deep connection via Zoom!


Head of Strategy Development, Publishing

I am so grateful for Linda. I couldn’t see how my unreasonable need to help people was hurting my earning potential. Beyond helping me double my income in one year, she guided me in finding clarity on my personal values and aligning them to my goals as an entrepreneur.


Consultant, Hospitality

Blog, Podcast

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